The Reveries
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Rev·er·ie: A state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.


Orange is the New Black makes me want to be a bad bitch and get sent to prison

A LETTER TO HANNAH BAKER. Please send two copies: One to heaven and another to hell. Not sure where she ended up.

Dear Hannah,

          I wish you knew that you were the only one who could save yourself. The last person you could have sought to gain a reason to live, is yourself, not Mr. Porter or anyone else. He was right though, you only had two options: To do something about it, or move on. Your only option was to move on since you clearly did not want to do something about it. But you did not want to move on with life either, you chose to end it. Tell me, what was it that could have changed your mind? Because he did insist you stay, he did try to reach out. A hug? A hand to hold while you save yourself? Guess what, not all of us will get that in the darkest days of our lives. When people knock you down and step all over you, you either fight back or simply get back up.

          Now I know it would not have made things right by saying you should not have killed yourself, other people have worse lives. But I do know this, you’re weak. And by sending out those tapes, you are no different from the people in them who caused your “snowball effect.” Out of the thirteen people, did you ever stop to think that maybe you aren’t the only one going through something? Perspective, Hannah. I just hope the people who heard the tapes look at them as a lesson to be careful about the effect they have on people, rather than adding your tapes to their own ‘snowball.’

         Anyway, I hope you have a great afterlife, if there ever is, because you can’t escape from that one anymore. 

Everyone who gets up to face each goddamn day